Can quartz stain?
Quartz is stain-resistant and due to its low rate of absorption, it does not stain as easily as marble, granite, or any other natural stone surface. However, quartz is not stain-proof and you should not let liquids sit on quartz surfaces for long, especially when it comes to staining agents, such
as tea, coffee, fruit juices, or wine. ​Browse our selection​.
Can quartz scratch?
While it is true that quartz surfaces are practically indestructible and highly resistant to scratches when compared to other types of natural stone, it is still possible to scratch and damage the material. Clean any sandy grit off quartz and avoid dragging heavy items like ceramic and metal pots over your quartz worktop. ​Check out our selection​.
Can quartz be used outside?
Yes, indeed! In fact, quartz is an amazing choice for exterior applications like building facades. Quartz is highly resistant to thawing, freezing, dirt, and fade resistant; it provides great sound and thermal insulation along with saving energy. The high flexural strength allows quartz to endure an upper crushing load. ​Find out more​.
Can quartz worktops be repolished?
Quartz countertops and worktops can be repolished, though, it is a more complicated process and you need to be aware of certain nuances. For example, you have to use special quartz polishing compounds and diamond polishing pads. ​More on quartz maintenance. 
Are quartz worktops expensive? How much does quartz cost?
Generally, quartz worktops will be in the same price range as granite countertops and less expensive than marble ones. However, it isn’t a hard rule and the price is determined by many factors. The price of Xiamen Aofei quartz varies depending on the type of quartz, color, size, and edges chosen. Please ​contact us for a specific quartz quote.
What quartz is used for?
Quartz applications vary from interior to exterior design. Some of the ​most popular quartz uses include kitchen and bathroom countertops, flooring tile, shower and kitchen sidings, building facade, and more. Find more about quartz applications in ​our blog​.
Why quartz over granite or marble?
Quartz’s manufacturing process includes materials that improve its durability and increase design customizing possibilities. Unlike marble and granite, quartz doesn’t have to be sealed. Marble is one of the softer natural stones which makes it stain and scratch more easily. As one of the hardest types of natural stone, quartz is highly scratch, stain, and impact resistant. ​Visit our selection​.
What daily maintenance is needed for my quartz surface?
Quartz is one of the easiest options when it comes to maintenance. Proper precautions and simple cleaning after use are usually enough to keep your quartz as new.​ Check our Maintenance page for more details.
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