The Top 4 Commercial Restroom Design Examples and Ideas with Quartz!

For a business, it is important to present themselves right to the clients and employees. Putting effort into a good company morale and training pays off with devoted professional employees and creating an excellent exterior and interior design makes a killer first impression and adds to the loyalty of the customers. There is one crucial point in commercial design that many companies neglect — restroom design.


Research shows that ignoring the importance of commercial and publicrestroom design and maintenance hurts your company’s image among clients and employees. On the other hand, choosing the right commercial bathroom design and building material will help to improve your company’s reputation!


That’s why to help every hotel, bank, church, company, school, or other commercial institution, Xiamen Aofei Building Materials design and building materials professionals prepared this article and will walk you through the best commercial bathroom design examples and ideas, and explain why ​quartz is one of the best options for most commercial bathrooms and more!

The Latest Commercial Bathroom Trends

In the world of busy lifestyle, ambitions and competition, commercial bathrooms became an escape and place to relax and recharge.


This, of course, has reflected on the most popular design trends: high-end
materials and a relaxing ambiance. Beige, black, and white bathroom quartz countertops along with pastel quartz flooring tiles and wall slabs are eminently popular among interior designers and architects. But why quartz?

What makes Aofei Quartz perfect for

commercial restroom designs?

pas de données
1. Stylish and calm black&white commercial bathroom design with black quartz countertops
Consider: ​Xiamen Aofei AF-WD-08 Black Quartz Tiles
2. Relaxing beige commercial bathroom design with black and white quartz countertop
Consider: ​AF-WD-13 Luxury Black Quartz
3. Rich brown commercial restroom design with quartz wall slabs
4. Luxury beige hotel bathroom design with quartz flooring and wall slabs
Consider: ​AF-WD-07 Grey Quartz

Are you ready to make your company or commercial institution even more successful with trendy

and sustainable building materials? ​

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